• THARMACspin Cytocentrifuge
    The leading system for producing cell preparations with the proven monolayer filter card system
  • Verbrauchsmaterial
    Consumables for Tharmac Cellspin® cytocentrifuge and Shandon Cytospin® cytocentrifuge.
  • Cellstain® 6
    Cellstain® 6
    The Cellstain® 6 is an easy to use, fully automated stainer for haematology and bacteriology staining.
  • Cellstain® 7
    Cellstain® 7
    Cellstain® 7 is a fully automatic stainer for haematology and bacteriology staining. With seven stations, it is simple to use and easy to maintain.
  • Cellstain® 15
    Cellstain® 15
    The Cellstain® 15 is a simple to use and maintain, fully automated stainer for Papanicolaou- and HE staining.
  • Cellstain® 23
    Cellstain® 23
    Fully automated stainer for Feulgen staining for DNA-Image-Cytometry, HE staining and Papanicoulaou staining.
  • UroStain
    Standarized staining set for air dried specimen, contains methanol
  • GynoPrep
    Liquid thin layer preparation for gynecological cytology with FDA approved Rovers® Cervex-Brush® Combi.